Over on Instagram I shared a few tips on getting the most from charity shopping.

My first tip mentioned over on Instagram was to visit regularly. When people ask how I find all things from a vintage dress to the perfect bag for shoving everything but the kitchen sink in, I always say that I am always having a little nose around a charity shop. Whether that’s a quick five minutes on my way home from work or a deliberate hour charity shop session where I’ll scout out the second-hand shops in a specific area and will head to them all. You never know when someone your size, with your style and an unwanted Vivienne Westwood bag have dropped off all their unloved goods.

Secondly, over on Instagram, I mentioned that it’s important to be open-minded. It’s likely that you’ll be disappointed if you go into a charity shop thinking that you need a cerulean blue midi dress with a slight shimmer in a size 12 that is cut to sit perfectly around the waist. However, if you go in without this vision you might see the perfect blue jumpsuit that might not be what you expected but once tried on you realise it’s perfect and a little unique.

Along with the tips above I also find the following helpful to get the most out of charity shopping.

Hit up the Sale Rail

The sale rail can often be at the back of the shop, separate from the other clothes of interest. Don’t forget to venture to these rails. Although they sometimes don’t look like much I have found some of the best bargains on these rails including 50p vintage shirts and £1 oversized jumper perfect for winter days.


Don’t Forget Accessories

The accessories basket is another easily neglected area. I have picked up some of my favourite bags and belts in second-hand shops. I find that belts in particular are always so much cheaper than on the high street and are often a little quirkier and more interesting. One of my favourite second-hand purchases of the summer was the straw bag (in the photo above) which I picked up from my local Crisis charity shop for £4.

Think of it’s Upcycling Potential

An oversized man’s shirt, plain t-shirts and oversized denim jackets don’t always look the most appealing when together on a rail but I have found that it’s these items that have the most potential for upcycling.

By adding a little embroidery to a t-shirt, ironing on a slogan onto a sweatshirt or swapping the hem of a denim jacket with the hem of a few shirts (as I have in the photo above), I find that the simpler charity shop items can usually be made into something exciting.

And that’s it. A couple more charity shopping tips to ensure you get the most from charity shopping this weekend.

Hannah x