By Love Your Clothes:

Two-thirds of us in the UK buy or receive second-hand clothes. However, given the large reservoir of unused quality clothing sitting in wardrobes, there’s a huge opportunity to increase the collection and resale of pre-loved clothing in the UK.

We hope Charity fashion Live will inspire you seek out your local vintage andcharity shops – either on your local high street or online. Give it a go, take the pre-loved challenge!

Oxfam’s Fashion blog has loads of advice on second hand shopping and styling, and here’s our #1, top secret, five-star, tip for making the most of pre-loved clothes …

Don’t be afraid to change it and make it right for you: A little TLC can go a long way and basic alteration is pretty simple. Changes like replacing buttons, bringing up the hem and bringing in the waist are all achievable with small amount of sewing skill – visit 

If you’re not handy with a needle and thread, you probably know someone who is. And if you don’t, shop armed knowing how much a local sewing shop charges for alterations and repairs. That extra work can be really worth it.

Facts and figures from Valuing our Clothes  WRAP, 2012

Image: Rachel Manns